Thursday, March 15, 2012

bangin in my white tee

pretty sure that is from some gangster song.

Let's talk about these. You know how in movies girls can just throw on a tee from the guy's house they spent the night at so they don't have to wear the same outfit to work because of course they overslept and now are facing a possible walk of shame but worse because it's into your office? And how the shirt just fits and looks great and matches what they are wearing perfectly?

This is that shirt.

[Here's the thing though, you aren't going to find this in some dude's closet. Unless that dude is your little brother because otherwise they are going to be too big. Unless you are dating someone the same size as you and in that case, I'm sorry, how terrible for you. ]

The good news is they sell these things everywhere. And they come in three packs. Or five packs. I have tried a lot of tees in my life and these are pretty perfect. Also, super cheap. And they go with everything and the size smalls of the comfort something or other v-neck type are perfect. I know this because I convinced the lady at Target awhile back to let me open up all the bags and test the sizing and type. Also they have no tags, so there is nothing itching you on your neck. That drives me crazy.  They are also made of a super comfy material that is also kind of thinnish so it doesn't feel too boy-like of a material. Because I know they make some like that and I am not that into it. The only problem with these is the sleeves are kind of big-ish. Except I kind of like that because recently my mom told me I have no shoulders [seriously, so rude] and so I am trying to bulk up that area with some sleevage. 
The nice thing is they also come in different colors. Although I only have a hundred thousand white ones. Because they go with Jeans, skirts, shorts, swimsuits, pj's, I don't even know.

You can find them in the boy section of places.

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