Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things that are not so good.

Sometimes there are things that are just not so good. Lots of times there are things I think will not be good [like those kind of burritos with fritos inside] but then I try them and change my mind. But there are some actual things that I just don't like.

  • Wal-Mart. I really try to give this place a fair chance because they sell this kind of lip balm I have a small obsession with for like a dollar, but I just hate it there. It is crowded and people bang into you and everyone who goes here is so freaking weird and there is never any parking and I just feel all anxiousy and panicky when I try to venture inside.
  • Del Taco Shrimp Tacos. There is a lot of build up to shrimp time at Del Taco. Except it is actually not very good. But, I mean, I like shrimp. And even though I know I do not like the shrimp tacos or burritos there, every time I go I order it. It's like when I start ordering, my brain falls out and even though as I'm saying can I please have a shrimp taco I know it will not be good. I don't know what it is, they are just not very good.
  • The radio station 100.3. I have it programmed into my car even though I have never heard one good song that I wanted to listen to on it. Even when my haunted car mysteriously disprograms all the radio stations, I still reprogram it in even though I never, ever listen to it.
  • The giant new Forever 21 at the mall. I like Forever 21 and all but this place is too big. It's very overwhelming on my senses. I have not heard of one person who likes the new one. The music is so loud and you can't get any service. It is so big that you have to spend hours inside to look at things even if you are a superfast eyeball shopper like me and so the problem is you can't call anyone to say you will be late. Or where you will meet them. Every time I go with someone else, I lose them and don't find them for thirty minutes. It also is some kind of time machine where you go in at 3pm and leave and it's dark and you've missed dinner but it feels like you weren't even there that long. Also all the shoes are hiding out on super tall racks by the mannequins and not in the shoe section and I actually can't reach up to any of those places.
  • The new technology of new things. This is tricky because sometimes there is super good new technology. Such as when those one serving coffee makers came out. My parents bought me the Tassimo which was invented before the Keurig. At the time, it was like, It. Except now Kuerig is totally dominating the world and they barely make any Tassimo cups and you have to go to the ends of the earth like the Bed, Bath and Beyond down by the train tracks to even find any and then when you go, you find out that there is no more espresso things because they were exploding on people and burning their faces off, so there was a huge recall and now you have to go to Starbucks for espresso every single day. This is why it is better to wait out new technology and make sure it doesn't explode in your face and maim you. Also because buying two different hundred plus dollar coffee machines because you are too lazy to pour coffee into a filter is not super justifiable. 


  1. This post made me giggle. I agree about WalMart. I've only been once because it was the only store withing a 30 mile radius of where we were camping. I was amazed at how much stuff they had and the prices, but it was not a place I want to frequent. And the Forever 21 thing. I was visiting New York City and I went into the one in Times Square. Um, 4 stories? Is that really necessary? Nothing was in any sort of order it seemed, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to find people (we were in a huge group). NIGHTMARE.

  2. I know it's so stressful! Like shopping is supposed to destress you, not increase your anxiety level!