Monday, April 9, 2012


foodporn [noun]: really super delish sounding and/or looking food. 

[If you look up the real definition of foodporn, it is a convoluted thing about making food so seductive it replaces sex. That is creepy and weird and also not how I mean it. #foodporn will be my feature on the super delish things we bake up in my kitchen.]

Let's start out with something easy for our first timers.
Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies

Necessary Ingredients:
-Box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
-Waffle Iron

-Mix up cookie mix according to directions
-Pour some into waffle maker
-Close waffle maker let cook for one to two minutes.

The time you let cook depends on your individual waffle maker. The first batch we made we decided were a little soft. So we left them in for two minutes which gave them a nice golden outside.

The texture of these really changes up plain old chocolate chip cooks. And they look super f*#(ing adorable so you can take pictures of them and everyone thinks you're Julia Child/Rachael Ray/Martha Stewart the second.

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