Monday, April 9, 2012

The Missing Link

I have decided I know what this blog is missing. And that is: pictures! [And less rambling, but I will work on that later.] What good is a blog without pictures, everyone has been asking me? [No one has been asking me this out loud, but I know they are thinking it.] None! Introducing....drumroll please...NNaX! Now With More Pictures!

So good. I should go into advertising.

To kick things off, here is a picture of a few of my favorite things:

1. Number one favorite thing is Sugar Free Redbull. If my regular old life could be sponsored by Red Bull like all those pro athletes are, I would be golden. I mean, they need Red Bull energy to skate around on a piece of wood...I need Red Bull energy to make sure five children don't die when their parents aren't home. Pretty sure that's more important. Anyway, sugarfree only has ten calories and I have tried every energy drink everywhere and I just can't quit you, SFRB.

2. Another favorite thing is Real Simple. It is a magazine one might compare to Better Homes and Gardens, or maybe Martha Stewart Living. I have a secret housewife complex that drives me to read magazines like this [and grocery shop in five inch heels and bake and get super excited about a front row parking spot at Trader Joe's or the library.] I can't help it. It contains all the secrets of the universe that I will most likely almost definitely forget before I get myself into any situation in which these secrets may be applicable. My grandmother and I love this magazine.

3. Minnetonka softsole driving moccasins. Here is a mini history lesson, the reason Indians (native american kind) wore moccasins is because they didn't want to be barefoot all the time and step on bees that would sting their feet and because I think it was a lot hotter back then so probably the bottom of their feet was getting all burnt up. So they invented moccasins which didn't have real bottoms, like hard soles, to protect their feet. The reason they didn't just wear shoes or add on hard bottoms is because of how much they respect the earth and never wanted to stomp all over the flowers and grass and ruin them. Minnetonka still makes these moccasins [as well as hardsole ones if you want them] and while they are supposed to be for inside use, I wear mine all the time. I don't really care as much about stomping the ground to death as the Indians did, but I do love that story and I do love feeling like I'm not really wearing shoes, so these are one of my favorite things. Or I guess two of my favorite things, since shoes come in pairs.

4. The other favorite thing that you can't really see is: nature! I like to be outside, that might surprise some people. Especially on lovely days. I am a human, after all. This was the trail down in San Juan where I had some time just to sit and watch the horses and dogs go by and look at all the trees and plants and breathe fresh air.

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