Monday, February 13, 2012

i can't decide

whether it's more or less depressing being around so many kids at valentine's day time. They get super excited about it, like it's totally the funnest day ever. and it's really hard not to say, enjoy the next five years of this day because right now you're v-day peaking, guys. When you grow up, everyone doesn't give you candy. Everyone doesn't give you heart shaped cards. If you're 'lucky' and you have a boyfriend, hopefully he made you a super romantic card with a picture of a bong on it.' If you're super lucky, when you grow up, you only get a treatable STD from your cheater, loser boyfriend for valentine's and not terminal AIDs. Or you're married and your husband works, or ignores the holiday, or gets you the standard, overplayed dozen red roses and you realize you're going to have to do this disappointing thing every single year until you're dead. I think it comes in waves and depends where you are at that year. Last year, I made all my students tattoo valentine's and gave them heart erasers to use in class [big deal when you're 5]. I got super into it, even though I was not seeing anyone at the time. This year, everything lovey and valentiney is just annoying me. I know I am hardly the first or last to complain about this, I just think even if you are happily in a relationship, because I've been there, valentine's [and holidays in general] are never as exciting as when you were a little kid. Real life gets in there and adds and adds as you grow up and it's just a little depressing sometimes. All the happiest times are from when you can't really remember too good.

**I know there are people who always have happy v-days and have thoughtful, rememberey type significant others who know exactly what you need and love, but let's face it, that is about 1.5% of the population and it's never equal and I also just don't want to hear about it. I'm sure there are even some nice single ones but they are probably on or hiding out in bomb shelters from psychos like me and as much as my mom and bosses tell me it could be a good idea, I just can't go there yet. I'd rather be one of those crazy ladies who live alone with their extra bedroom and oven filled with shoes and has some kind of weird animal thing.

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