Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yesterday I bought an iPhone [I know, I know, welcome to the twenty-first century already.] Holy
cow, are they an expensive little phone. I am now afraid of my phone. I have some kind of high tech
insurance plan (I think) but I am living in mortal fear of dropping the thing. I also am not super technological, so I am having a hard time operating it easily. And then there's Siri.

I'm a little afraid of Siri. I also keep accidentally calling her Suri, like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter. Siri is kind of sassy. And she confuses me. Like last night when I was trying to set my alarm and we were not communicating with each other clearly and then this morning seven different alarms went off. I don't understand how she works and can answer all the questions she can and it scares me. I am afraid of making her mad and asking her the wrong question, because she gets snippy and what if she gets mad at me because my mom made me ask her kind of inappropriate questions and messes with all my information in my phone. What if she calls Tokyo and I get a phone bill for eight hundred dollars. She is a robot and is not to be trusted.

To sum it up, I'm a super sellout and am now super afraid of my cell phone. This is my life.

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  1. I never use Siri except for texting while I am driving. Welcome to the iPhone world!! I am going to blog on my favorite apps soon!! :)