Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yelp Addiction

I am kind of a hate or love it person. I try to soften this a little by using the words 'kind of' a lot [see
previous sentence.] My mother also does not know how to cook very many things. So we eat out a
lot. So we are at restaurants a lot. And lately, the service everywhere has been just terrible! While I
don't really complain too much about food, because I usually won't go anywhere that I don't know
the menu of before I go, I do have problems with awful service. I am (well, my family is) not only
paying for this food and to sit here, but we are also paying YOU to be nice to us and pay attention
to us and to take care of us. We are literally give you money to put in your pocket at the end of the
night. And it has been really frustrating for me, because I am too polite to say 'hey, do your job' to
someone's face.

But today, I signed up for yelp. is a website where you can find reviews on basically any
place. Also, info like hours and price and other things. Users post about their experiences. So today,
I went on a reviewing spree. I reviewed some places that I just LOVE, like the sugar-free bakery in Lake Forest and the shockingly cheap but amazing nail place in Laguna Niguel. I also reviewed
places that I wish would get their act together, like the Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Forest, where the hostess told us to find our own seats in the bar 'because the tables in the dining room are, like, really messy,' even though we had kids with us and it was dinnertime. I definitely found myself reviewing more of the places I love, because great quality and great service is a bit of a rare combination these days and it deserves recognition. And I can't
help hoping that my negative reviews will spur the places where customer service is awful to shape up a little bit.

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