Monday, January 23, 2012


At one of my jobs (there are so many, I can get away with disclosing this and not outing anyone), someone caught the MRSA Staph bug. This is a little hush-hush, because as I have been coming to realize, people act like MRSA is AIDS or something! It's like, so shameful. Except, you know, it's not like you get it on purpose. And you can get it from just being around sick people in the hospital or at the doctor's. It's not contracted by doing shady, taboo things (at least in all the cases of people I know who have had it.) I don't get it. I do understand it's a big deal and many kids and people have died from certain MRSA infections, but let's arm ourselves with knowledge and deal with it in a mature, safe way. I just don't get the stigma and kind of shush-let's not tell anyone secretiveness. I know staph itself is pretty common, so chances are we all know people who've had it.

So, tell me, what are your thoughts on MRSA, Staph and all the drama surrounding it?

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  1. My dad had a lot of health problems, and at one point the discovered he had MRSA. There was never any issues with it at all, he just never went back in to get his second negative test of it. All I know is that whenever he was in the hospital, everybody acted like it was some sort of plague! Overreactions, for sure!