Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She's Baaaaaaaaack..

Today marked the return of one of my more, um, colorful students, N. I've had her in my art class before, but not since last school year. Let's also add that we are almost done with the sessions, only two classes left. She was a kinder last year and so this year she's in first grade. This apparently has had no effect on her whatsoever. My classroom is on the way to the classrooms where 'The Y" [or the YMCA afterschool program is held). She basically saw me, decided to drop on in for class instead of going to the Y. Nevermind that she isn't signed up for art this trimester. Or that she's supposed to legally be at the Y and they were probably wondering where exactly she was. Or that her older sister popped in to ask if she was signed up and while I was saying no, N was saying yes.
      Last year, she somehow got it out to all the parents of the kids in my class that not only was I married, I was was RECENTLY married. Recently married to her YMCA counselor. Let me give you an idea of this guy: 50's, balding with a bit of white hair left, very flamboyantly gay. So my type...not. So I had all my students' parents coming up to congratulate me and I'm sure get the inside gossip on this relationship because if ever two people didn't go together, it was me and this old guy. I spent weeks explaining.
      So when she walks in today, she throws her backpack on the ground, grabs a whiteboard marker and attempts to hostile takeover the class. After I settled that, she sat down. Except this kid doesn't actually sit. She stands, as if there was no chair whatsoever. I've never actually seen her sit down. Among the things she said today: "Can I see your bra?" [to the 3rd grader next to her], "braces always work, that's the point of them", "umm can you stop that, annnnnnnnnoying" and "can i just be done, i want to go to the Y now". She also colored her entire project orange today. After she colored it all in with different colors, she took orange and recolored the entire thing.
      She also can't ever remember my name, despite the fact that it is written on the board. She regularly calls me 'Mrs. what's your name again'.


  1. wow she sounds like a challenging "student" and only in first grade. I can only imagine what her teen years are going to be like. haha! good luck!

  2. hahaha, this legit had me cracking up. new follower found you through stress case :)