Monday, January 16, 2012

Things My Nannybabies Will Eat.

For the sake of this blog, the children I nanny will be  collectively referred to as my nannybabies. They are not all really babies; there is actually only one baby, a six month old, a four year old, an eight year old, an eleven year old and a twelve year  old. Codename Nannybabies is good because their dad is a big bossypants and I don't want to get sued.  They will go by their ages. (example: nannybaby .5 is the youngest beebs, nb12 is the oldest, get it?)
     When I first started with this brood, there were only two, nb's 11 and 12. They would only eat olives.

 ...I'm not kidding. All they liked to eat was olives and they literally would eat a whole jar if you didn't supervise them closely. Guess who found that out the hard way.

Now they are grown up preteens and have a much more refined palates. However, nannybaby4 presents similarly difficult challenges. In no particular order these are the things she will eat:

  • Cut up raw red bell peppers
  • scrambled eggs
  •  strawberrie
  • , string cheese dipped in strawberry yogurt but not the actual yogurt by itself
  •  SHELL macaroni and cheese. If it is any other shape of mac, or any other shape is mixed in with the shells, she will not eat it. 
  • She 'used to like chicken nuggets, but not anymore.'  
  • Also her new thing is glazed donuts. She's super down for gazed donuts. 
But any of the above foods listed she will only eat two bites of. Eating  three things at once 'makes my[her] stomach hurt." The three things includes water.  Somedays she likes oranges. But only cuties. I once saw her eat seven cuties in one day. That's like her entire body weight in tiny oranges.

Once I tried to make her eat a chicken nugget. Her mom seemed really serious about getting her to eat at least three and then left the house. I got her to chew one, during which she asked to go to the bathroom.  Now, this  nannybaby neverrrr, and I mean never, goes to the bathroom by herself so I knew something was up. She came back and lunchtime was forgotten. Later on I went to the bathroom and noticed spit up chicken nugget in the sink. Verrrrrrry smooth. [Later, I turned this to my advantage when I told her I was an elf hired by Santa to make sure she was nice. When she asked me to  prove it, I told her that Santa told me she once spit her chicken nuggets into the sink. The look of shock on that kid's face. Hook, line and sinker.]


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